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Weekly Web / Design News Round Up : November 2nd-6th

By | November 06, 2015

Weekly web news round up

It is time for Web / Design News Round Up once again! This week we take a look back into notable design of the past that has helped shape every aspect of design today, jump to some of our favorite design trends of the future, and of course have our featured Worst Site of the Week. Let’s begin!

40 Designers Who Helped Shape Design History 

Think of this list as a “who’s who” of design history. Features some of the pioneers of design who were playing space, hierarchy, and user experience far before the internet (or even computers!)

The Great Cup Mystery 

Images that become iconic rarely know their power ahead of time. In the same way that the “Sailors Kiss” has become an iconic image of the end of WWII that led to years of trying to solve the mystery of the figures, the “90’s Squiggle” has become synonymous with growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s. In recent times, this has led the Nancy Drew of moderns times – the internet community – to go on a research hunt for the original designer and meaning of this iconic design.

Revisiting Photoshop 1.0

Yep, you read that right. In celebration of Adobe Creative turing 25, a group of designers decided to revisit the program that started it all – Photoshop 1.0. This video brought back fond memories of playing with Microsoft paint, but after watching the things Photoshop 1.0 couldn’t do, we are pretty happy to be living in the times of the Creative Cloud instead.

You Still Use Floppy Disc Every Day

We rarely think about it, but most of the icons that we use every day to navigate our digital lives started as images of real things. But as we move farther and farther away from phones with receivers or floppy discs, the icons we use begin to be simply an image affiliated with a concept. Something to think about!

The Man Who Confounds Computers – Mr. Null

We rely on field forms, digital data entry, and code every day for everything from shopping on Amazon to managing our money. But for Christopher Null, unexpected headaches pop up at every term, thanks to our modern technology misunderstanding how to read his last name. (And I thought my last name caused problems!)

The Future is Now – Glowforge

Now that we have filled your heart with design nostalgia, we want to bring you back to the exciting things happening in 2015. With Glowforge, the next leap forward in 3-D Printing, if you can design it, you can build it. Watch the video, and you will understand why we are all losing our minds over this one. The possibilities are endless!

Worst Site of The Week – Leoneck Hotel

This one is a clear case of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. Can you make the cursor a cow, create a “digital tour” of photos edited to look like paintings, and photoshop the owner’s head on a cartoon body? Yes, you CAN do those things…and this website has them all.

Well, that wraps it up for on this week’s Web / Design News Round up! We hope you have enjoyed this nostalgic journey into the history of design, and that you are as excited as we are to see what the next 25 years of design bring.

If you are feeling behind the times, know that you have a whole team of forward thinkers and design experts on your side only a click away. Contact us today, and let us help make sure you are prepared for what’s next.