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Responsive, intuitive,
and designed for results.

Memphis Web Design services | S2N Design


We work with you to establish goals and get to know your industry to create a website design that’s more than beautiful – it’s also your most effective marketing tool.

Memphis Web Design services | S2N Design


User experience should be flawless, no matter the device. All of the websites we design are mobile responsive and look great on all smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Memphis Web Design services | S2N Design


We give you the tools you need to update your site regularly, establish SEO rankings, and grow your site as your business grows, ensuring your website has a long life span.

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How It Works

Step 1: Site Map and Structure

First, we work with you to establish the skeleton of your website. That skeleton then becomes the sitemap, which helps us identify your existing content, the hierarchy of that content (i.e., what’s most important to your business) and will inform the structure of the navigation and the flow of traffic on the site.

Memphis web design process: sitemap

Step 2: Wireframing

Next, we put together a wireframe, which provides us with the opportunity to show your our vision for the framework and structure of your website design. A wireframe represents the page layout and how we propose content arrangement. Similar to their architectural counterpart, the blueprint, wireframes contain no detailed design. You and your team then will have an opportunity to provide feedback and revisions to our design team.

Memphis web design process: wireframe

Step 3: Design

Now that the sitemap and general layout of the pages have been established, we can get to the fun part: choosing typefaces, drawing the graphic elements, styling content, and bringing your wireframe to life. We’ll work with you to load your content, polish it up, and fine tune the finished website design until every pixel is in its proper place. Finally, we walk the site through the launch process.

Memphis web design process: design

Step 4: Post-Launch Care

We won’t leave you in the lurch post-launch. We provide you with comprehensive training on the WordPress CMS, check up on your site periodically to make sure everything is updated and in working order, and we’re only a phone call or email away if you run into trouble.

Memphis web design process: launch