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Design with a Purpose.

We offer professional, high-quality design that takes into account more than just your brand. We consider your business’s needs every step of the way, delivering not only award-winning design but strategic implementation of the top priorities for your business and website, enabling you to reach your goals, whether that’s exposure, sales, customer service, or more – we give you the power.

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Beautiful, award-winning creative.

At S2N, we believe that all design should be purposeful and strategic. We take the time to understand your goals so that we can operate as an extension of your company, making creative decisions that support and promote your mission. Because our work is always driven by your goals, we provide our clients with professionally designed, high-quality websites that get real results for their businesses.

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Growth at your fingertips.

Websites are the digital face of every business, so it’s important that your web design does a good job representing who you are and what your business stands for. At S2N, we understand how to use smart, beautiful design to promote and enhance your brand. Our creative team is made up of talented and professional designers, illustrators, and developers, all working together to provide you with an impressive website that supports your goals. High-quality design is at the forefront of everything we do, and we won’t let you down.

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Features List

Custom Illustrations

With illustrators on staff, we are happy to create brand-complementary custom illustrations that can be used within your website.

Custom Lettering

Our design team creates custom lettering to make things pop and integrate perfectly with your brand.

Additional Forms

Obtain important information and allow your audience to get in touch with you via custom forms directed straight to your preferred email address.

Animated Slider

Have a rotating image slider with the option of live text and image layers with animation effects.

Bibliography Page

Easily share news, articles, and other links with a bibliography section.

Before and After Slider

Showcase your case studies and demonstrate the difference between an original and new image.


Keep your audience updated with a blog on your website. Customize your blog posts with different content types such as text, image, gallery, video, and audio.


Show your users where they are in your website by providing clickable archives of each layer – locational breadcrumb trails.


Create and post different calendars and allow them to be filtered by event type, location, and more.

Case Studies

Our design team will style unique pages to highlight your work to help better market your business.

Email Client Integration

Unlike email subscriber, email client integration automatically uploads your user’s contact information to your mailing list on your direct email marketing client of choice (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.)

Content Loading

Does your website have a lot of pages? Even though S2N Lite only includes content loading on a certain number of pages, we’d still be happy to help you load your content. Add this feature, and we’ll load content on five more of your pages.

Coupon Creator

We’ll create custom coupons and add them to your website. Your coupon will display until the chosen expiration date.

Donation Pages

Accept donations on your website via PayPal.

Custom Calls to Action

Custom calls to action bring attention to important aspects of your website.

Custom Infographics

Our design team makes custom branded infographics for your website. These images are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

Email Subscriber

Create and send HTML email newsletters to your subscribers, and send email notifications directly from your website when new posts are added to your website.

Events Page

Lists all your events sorted in ascending or descending order according to the date and time of your choice.

File Cabinet

We have a robust file sharing and management tool to upload, share, track, group, distribute, and organize any type of document.

Image Gallery

Display as many images as you’d like with an image gallery. Adding, deleting, and organizing your images is simple and easy.

Image Map Hotspots

Have an image with multiple aspects that need description? With image map hotspots you can display tooltip or annotation of your image with smooth CSS3 transition.

Image Slider

Our image slider displays any number of images in a carousel, showcasing your content in a visually compelling way.

Instagram Feed

Show the latest photos of an Instagram user or tag – comes with several options to configure and widgets ready for your sidebar! It’s fully responsive!

Logo Slider

Our logo slider displays any number of logos in a carousel, showcasing your event sponsors, collaborators, or strategic partners in a compelling way.

Loupe Magnifying Glass

What is a loupe? It’s that circular magnifying glass-like thingamajig placed on top of images that zooms in a part of it. Showcase the detail of an image with a loupe magnifying glass.

Message Boxes

Increase conversion rates by adding a CTA (Call to Action) button within your articles and blog posts.

News Page

Easily share news with different post types in a news section that converts to an RSS feed for constant news updates.

Parallax Scrolling

This impressive visual effect makes the background of a website move at a different speed than the rest of the page. Click here for an example. There are countless creative applications for this technique.

Custom SVG Animations

Animates graphics, buttons, logos and more live on your website through the use of scalable vector graphics.

Pop-up Notifications

Add pop-up notifications to your pages and posts.

Portfolio Manager

Create a portfolio to show off your work – this feature is beneficial to artists, photographers, and more.

Restaurant Menu

Unlike a simple PDF, the restaurant menu feature creates an easily accessible and responsive menu for customers to browse food options from their desktop or mobile device.

Rotating Testimonials

Have positive reviews to share? We’ll design you a page that features these testimonials in a way that’s engaging and interactive. Your testimonials will rotate automatically, or site users can slide through your reviews at their own speed.

Payment Page

Accept payments on your website via PayPal.

Pricing Tables

Display pricing tables in a way that looks great and clearly demonstrates different product/service options.

RSS Feed

Publish frequently updated information such as blog posts, Instagram feeds, news headlines, etc. right on your website.

Site Search

Include a custom site search engine on your website to help your viewers quickly find the content that they’re looking for.

Staff Pages

Our team will design a unique page for your site that highlights your staff, styled with images and key information.

Social Sharing

Auto-post your content to your social media pages. All post entries and images are optimized and tagged properly, so your posts will look great on whatever social platform you use.

Testimonial Input Area

Allows users to submit testimonials directly to your website with option of admin approval before testimonial is published.

Video Gallery

Our galleries support mixed media presentations such as video and audio content.