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Web / Design News Round Up: November 16th-20th

By | November 20, 2015

We’ve got a little something for everyone in today’s Web / Design New Round Up. Whether you need to address an impending burnout or are just looking for a little letterpress eye candy (which may very well help with that little burnout problem too), here are some of the favorite gems we’ve dug out of our favorite corner of the web this week.

Weekly web news round up

Dealing With Burnout

Burnout can be a problem in any industry, but those of us in the creative industry seem to be especially prone. This article is a must-read, even for those of us who love the web design company we work with (like those of us here at S2N, naturally). Recognizing burnout, especially what Charchar terms “silent burnout” is so important, and he gives several awesome pointers about both pinpointing the causes as well as avoiding burnout altogether.

Gill Sans –  Reborn for the Digital Age

Behold! Web fonts! Read all about Monotype’s recent unveiling of the Eric Gill Series: Gill Sans Nova, Joanna Nova, and the all-new Joanna Sans, coming to a whopping total of 77 fonts in all. Chances are high that you are already acquainted with the original Gill Sans, one of the most popular typefaces ever for a very, very good reason. Unfortunately (through no fault of Eric Gill’s, considering he originally drew the font in 1928), it’s not a perfect font for web and other modern uses. Monotype’s new interpretation fixes those faults and opens a whole new world of possibilities for typophiles..

Hitting on a Designer: 10 Things to Avoid

Just for a laugh. But you know, some of it isn’t such very bad advice.

54 Letterpress Posters of Your Dreams

Letterpress is good for the soul. Soak up.

Shared Profession: Learning Interactive Skills from Other Tribes

A great think piece on learning interactive design outside of the web design world. It can be so easy to chart our own self-education course with tunnel vision, neglecting the concepts folks in other disciplines have mastered and refined. I’ve seen other articles visit this idea quickly and casually, but the hard examples Pannafino gives (such as the concepts of “hot” and “cool” media from communications and the idea of affordances from industrial design) have me seriously hungry for more cross-disciplinary (or cross-tribal, if you prefer) learning.

Worst Site of the Week: Wild Wild West

Yes, that Wild Wild West–as in the Will Smith/Kevin Kline flick–is still represented in the wild wild west of the web by this “solid construction powered by the latest in steam technology.” A sort of museum exhibit of HTML circa 1999, this site’s obsession with horizontal scrolling and assorted defunct links are redeemed by such Easter eggs as its excitement over the “new” Netscape Communicator 4.6. If nothing else this site is a reminder of just how far we’ve come in our abilities to create an immersive experience via web design… and just how much further we may yet be able to go in the next 16 years.

And that wraps up this week’s Web / Design News Round Up! Now you and I both know how to stave off a burnout, learn from other tribes, and even how to NOT hit on a designer, this weekend clearly couldn’t be off to a better start. We hope you’ll join us for next Friday for another edition of S2N Design’s Web / Design News Round Up, but in the meantime, we’d love to know: have you ever had a burnout, loud or silent? How did you pull yourself out of it?