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Web / Design News Round Up: January 11th-15th

By | January 15, 2016

If you haven’t read T​he Vignelli Canon​yet, your list of excuses is getting mighty slim: it’s available in its entirety in a perfect, easy­-to-­read PDF at the link above, 100% free of any charge. T​he Vignelli Canon i​s a short book written by master designer Massimo Vignelli and an absolute must-­read for anyone in the field of design. We highly advise every designer and aspiring designer to treat themselves to this quick­ reading treatise on the essence and basic principles of design and typography. Simple and straight-forward (like his work itself) with numerous examples and illustrations, T​he Vignelli Canon c​ould and should be your next lunch time read. No excuses!

Creative block got you Googling for something to get yourself and your work unstuck? We think you’ll be as happy as we are to know that this quick read exists, and you may even want to bookmark it for next time you need a little help to unstuck yourself. A very clear and simple explanation of why we creatives should and how we can break out of autopilot mode in order to be able to see our work from a different perspective. If that perfect idea continues to elude you no matter how hard you search, you may want to try this technique to see if that idea may be lurking in the last place you would think to look: right in front of your face.

You can’t start a new year without a good “predictions” piece, and here it is for 2016. This one is no ordinary list of design trends: HOW asks a number of top designers about their predictions for design trends in the coming year, and their answers run the gamut of topics from animation and motion graphics to color to careers in the design field.

Here’s a healthy dose of fun, offbeat inspiration to ponder as you begin a new year of new designs. These examples of paper art are not digital in the slightest, but they promise a wealth of ideas for those who love to look at things from different angles and draw inspiration from the material world for their work. And isn’t that all of us?

Two New Pieces of Tech to Explore

So we didn’t realize how blasé we had become about the lightning speed of technology of late until not one but two new art and design innovations caught our attention this week. Both have the potential to make a designer’s job a whole lot easier­­which is pretty exciting­­and both have the potential to be complete flops that talk a big game but fail to deliver. If anyone out there has tried the Scribble Pen or Astropad, please let us know how your experience has been so far!


Worst Site of the Week:
DP Graph


We get it – you like rainbows, and it 3-D Graphs…but we can’t imagine anyone can learn while under this brutal eye-assault!

That wraps it up for this week! Let us know what you think about this new tech, what you learn from the Vignelli Canon, and what trends you are most excited about for the new year!