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Web / Design News Round Up – December 14th-17th

By | December 21, 2015

As we begin to look backward at the year that has past, and forward at the year to come, we review some of the best ads and and trends, as well as a new semi-secret lab from Apple!

Weekly web news round up

14 Hot Web Design Trends From 2015

Two goals have driven a majority of 2015 trends in web design: minimize and simplify and cater to the ever-increasing audience of mobile users. Ultimately even the drive to simplify can be traced back to the need to make the web responsive: mobile devices don’t have real estate for excess and have different capabilities than the traditional desktop of 2007. Check out these 14 ways designers have been simplifying and meeting mobile user needs this year. Which do you think will continue into 2016?


Why Passphrases Are More User-Friendly Than Passwords

A brilliant piece on why the web should stop enforcing their complex password rules and start encouraging users to create passphrases instead. As the author says, “When a user can’t remember their password, it’s like losing their keys. When a user’s account is hacked, it’s like their house is getting broken into.” Passphrases utilizing 16 or more letters have proved far more effective “keys” as they are easier to remember (than hjk5J3!2k) and more difficult to hack in spite of their use of dictionary words, so commonly limited in today’s passwords.

Funny Print Ads From Around the World

Striking imagery grabs attention, but not much beats humor in keeping that attention or ensuring a place in your audience’s memory. You can see this principle in action by enjoying this collection of 20 amusing print ads and thinking about what you remember after closing the window.

The Evolution of Flat Design: Muted Colors

Bright and intense colors are so intertwined with the concept of flat design, it can be easy to forget the myriad of color options that are possible when a bold color scheme is simply not appropriate to the project. This article offers a quick brush up on the concepts of tints, shades, and tones, as well as some great case studies to illustrate how these colors can be successfully used in flat design.

Apple Now Has A Secret Lab in Taiwan

Apple’s spirit of innovation continues with an apparently not-so-secret-anymore lab in Taiwan, where nearly 50 engineers are busy with technology that could make their devices even thinner, even lighter, and more energy efficient.

Worst Site of the Week:

A strong contender for the ugliest website of the web. Between the frames, comic sans, and mass chaos created in the attempt to squeeze onto their homepage every bit of information every prospective customer may want to know, why would anyone trust these people—whose website so desperately needs refurbishing—to refinish their tub?

Well, that’s all for this week folks!  If you are ready to kick off your new year right with a new website, don’t hesitate to contact us here at S2N Design.

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