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Is it time for a New Website?

By | July 17, 2018

Scenario: you haven’t updated your website in a few years. Your last redesign may have been met with positive reception, but the overhaul was costly and you’ve since seen web traffic diminish. So, is it worth it to explore a revamp? Is this site, which seemed like the gold standard not too long ago, on par with (or better than) your current competition? We’ve outlined some simple ways to determine if it’s time for a web facelift.
1. Is your content relevant? It may seem like a no-brainer to keep your website updated, but too many times we’ve come across sites featuring a prominent product or service on a mockup of a phone that released 5+ years ago. This isn’t to say it’s mandatory to switch your site up every time “the next best thing” comes out of Silicon Valley, but these seemingly innocuous facets of a site can cast serious doubt on your web presence from the get-go, and, in turn, on conversions for your product or service. Keeping your content cutting edge (while remaining authentic to your brand integrity) is essential – because you know what they say about first impressions.
2. Are you utilizing data tracking on your site? This oft-overlooked aspect of digital marketing and web design can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line, especially if your website is dated. Google Analytics and heat maps are excellent tools to help monitor user session patterns and gauge areas of interest on your site. If your visitors arrive at your site only to exit a few seconds later, whether it’s due to obsolete content, clunky navigation, or dead links, these tools can be used to see the exact location where a potential client or customer dropped off. A breakdown in a page’s code, delaying load time by only a few seconds, can be a browser-closing offense in a time where almost half of customers expect a site to load within two seconds. Identifying errors such as these allows you to make necessary adjustments and help steer new conversion strategies.
3. Is your site mobile responsive? It’s no secret that information is now largely consumed in the palm of our hands. When individuals check their phone an average of 80 times a day, a fast load time, clean interface, and intuitive ux are essential. Society’s diminishing attention span the desire for immediacy has rendered the maintenance of all aspects of web presence – from to load speed to organic traffic to keyword rankings – more crucial than ever to maintain. Even Google has re-prioritized its search engine to cater to a mobile-first focus. To remain a leader in the digital world, your SEO needs to be engineered accordingly.
Prioritizing a site redesign could be the best thing you do for your company all year. Even if you’re just considering one, drop us a line. The Memphis-based S2N Design team is pleased to offer a free website audit for you.