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Memphis Web Design: Launch of New Shannon Waterman Website

By | January 12, 2017

Another new website design project S2N Design recently completed was for flooring manufacturer Shannon Waterman. For more than 100 years, Shannon Waterman has been harvesting timber from their own forests to create high quality, American made, wide plank floors. Wanting to increase leads and display samples and products more effectively online, Shannon Waterman enlisted S2N Design to develop a dynamic and visually-appealing website.

Shannon Waterman tasked S2N with improving how the company’s story is being told online from overall look and feel to product displays and lead generation. For Shannon Waterman, S2N had the following goal:

Develop a dynamic and visually-appealing website that accurately tells the Shannon Waterman story while increasing leads and improving product features online.


Shannon Waterman has a long-standing history of providing high quality wood flooring through its own forests which the company selectively and sustainably harvests. In order to tell the Shannon Waterman story, S2N used inviting, engaging photography and a clean format to create a luxury feel for the website. In addition, S2N created visually-appealing pages for each collection to highlight the company’s product lines. By putting more focus on the products and using high quality photography, S2N’s goal was to increase leads through the website’s contact form.


By using dynamic photos together with a clean website design, S2N created a luxury, high-end feel for the Shannon Waterman website.


Browse through Shannon Waterman’s site to see some of their exquisite work.

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