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S2N launches website for CELCO

By | March 19, 2018






CELCO provides the most productive list solutions to the non-profit community. For over 35 years, CELCO has been helping world-class companies exceed their fundraising and marketing goals.

When the Fairfax, VA, company approached Memphis-based S2N about designing a new website to enhance their brand presence and drive traffic, we were thrilled to assist. S2N opted for the Web Express product offering on this project, designed to be both an affordable and effective web design product.

This overhaul, which optimized content, improved SEO, and enhanced coding, helped streamline CELCO’s client maintenance of donor lists for many environmental non-profits (such as Greenpeace and the ASPCA), as well as other charities and non-profits. S2N completed the brand refresh with a new, modern logo design that speaks to the forward-thinking nature of the company.