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S2N cooks up tasty Branding and Web Design for Beale Sweets

By | August 07, 2017

Something sweet has opened on historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, and S2N Design had the opportunity to bring this sugar shack to life!

Digital marketing firm S2N Design was enlisted to provide branding, logo design and affordable web design for newly-opened Beale Sweets. From naming the shop to designing the logo as well as rolling out a custom website, S2N took an idea for a candy store and gave it an identify and life of its own through unique branding.

A play on its home on world famous Beale Street, S2N proposed the name “Beale Sweets”—catchy, clever and descriptive. From there, we began designing the logo which gives a nod to the music scene surrounding Beale Sweets. We also designed all of the store’s signage to maintain a cohesive brand throughout the space.

Once we landed on a logo, web development began. Beale Sweets wanted a site that was affordable, simple and easy to navigate. We kept all the information on one page and highlighted the store’s products with vibrant images.

Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, next time you’re listening to the blues on Beale, stop in for a treat at Beale Sweets.

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