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A Quantum Leap in Website Design

By | September 04, 2018

Memphis-based website design firm S2N design has launched a website for Quantum Showrooms. The site was built using the firm’s Web Express design offering.

S2N Web Express was created with a goal to provide all clients, no matter how big or small, with beautiful, award-winning design. S2N Web Express allows clients with smaller budgets to take advantage of expert design and a mobile-friend website.

For 40 years, Quantum Showrooms has been a consistent leader when it comes to innovation, installation and service for the homeowners in the Mid-South. For Quantum Showrooms, S2N created a site that highlights wide-width, rich photos to convey the quality and craftsmanship that Quantum offers.

Interactive galleries display rooms and services that Quantum provides from kitchen and bath to iron doors and more.

Despite being an S2N Web Express site, the website is still full amazing photography, rich content and enough pages to house all of the necessary content.

If you’re a small (or big) business and in need of website design or digital marketing, get in touch with our team at S2N today.