West TN Day Trippin’

The Challenge

For the past year, the Memphis Area Association of Governments (MAAG) West Tennessee Day Trippin’ website has been putting together a great online cache of information for wayfaring weekenders (and regular tourists too). With a wellspring of information, we took on the challenge of properly organizing the information and creating a content hierarchy that allows for intuitive navigation for users. We found it best served MAAG’s audience to break the content down into the categories of See (attractions), and Eat (restaurants) and Explore (a gateway to “explore” by location).

The Solution

MAAG gave us a huge amount of creative control, which allowed us to add a lot of little special touches like custom illustrations and fun twisting rollover effects, along with restructuring their information into intuitive groups. Attractions are grouped together into suggested Itineraries (each grouped around a common theme or interest such as Antebellum Architecture or Shopping) available through either the Explore page or the Plan & Map page. The Eat page lends itself well to a rotating slideshow of local eateries in addition to a featured restaurant, and the in-depth Explore page allows users to see a hierarchical view of counties and cities, along with attractions, background info, videos and population information for the specific locations.

Custom Illustration and Infographics

memphis web design see
memphis web design eat
memphis web design see

Custom Type Treatments

memphis web design text 1
memphis web design farmers market

Web Design that lets users explore and learn about West Tennessee

Site Features:

Clustered Activities: History buffs, nature lovers, and shopaholics each have a link of their own to see all attractions which may interest them.

Integrated Map: A detailed map plots every point of interest featured on the website, along with useful information about the location.

Events Calendar: I will be using this feature all the time to see the dates of upcoming events by month, week, or agenda view!

Instagram Feed: MAAG’s Instagram account is integrated into the bottom of the homepage creating an easy method to keep their visual content fresh and timely.

Blog: MAAG’s mission makes this feature a requirement! It enables staff to write periodic updates and feature stories that would be of interest to their visitors.
Current Temperature Indicator: Embedded in the navigation bar, this display of the current temperature in Memphis is sexier than you would think (in our opinion, at least).


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