Tru-D Smart UVC

The Challenge

Tru-D is a patented cleaning system that disinfects patient rooms and ORs with precisely measured UVC light that kills HAIs (hospital acquired infections) like C. diff and MRSA. Unlike its competitors, Tru-D has a “brain” that scans the room and measures it to determine how much light is needed. Tru-D was facing problems with its somewhat outdated brand and muddled messaging that failed to communicate what a great product Tru-D is.

The Solution

We began with a simplified logo and a sleek black and blue color scheme, then applied their new, cleaner look to their stationery, advertising, and website. We also helped them rework their advertising strategy, identifying five key talking points which we used to give structure to their new advertising campaigns and website. Those talking points (Mercury Safety, SmartUVC Technology, Scientific Validation, iTru-D Tracking, and Cost Effectiveness) allow Tru-D to proactively tell their story and show their customers what makes them different instead of merely reacting to their competitors.


Next generation web design and branding

Early Exploration

We initially explored icons that focused on the concept of light and the shape of the Tru-D brain, but in the end we simply updated the original type treatment for a sleeker look. Instead of an icon, we introduced Trudi, a fun and helpful character that pops up on the Tru-D website, email alerts, and merchandise.


Final Marks


Trudi appears as a helpful character that pops up to offer assistance and to relay information to clients on the website.

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Site Structure Strategy

Site structure was built around strategy we developed after identifying their main goals for the new website and resolving issues with their old site.

Dynamic Content

We helped develop dynamic content centered around key messaging points that differentiate Tru-D from their competitors.

Brand Personality

We included brand personality with “Trudi,” a helpful SmartUVC machine sprite. She helps make the medical information more approachable and was incorporated on key pages.

Interactive PDF Viewer

An easily sortable and interactive PDF viewer was included for third-party validations.

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