Lansky Bros.

The Challenge

Lansky Bros. is an iconic brand, known for being the “Clothier to the King.” Their shops on Beale St. and in the historic Peabody Hotel are frequented by tourists and locals alike. While working with Lansky Bros to update their website, we wanted to accomplish three main goals:

The Solution

  1. Tell the story of their company in a more interactive and interesting way than their previous website
  2. Update their Ecommerce solution, allowing for fans from around the world to shop from the Lansky Bros. collections
  3. Increase site traffic through SEO, an updated look, and more functional navigation

A handsome website design for Lansky Brothers


  • Excellent story telling features, like an interactive timeline of the evolution of the store and Elvis’s fashion
  • Robust eCommerce solution: A lot of features the customer doesn’t see to help streamline the retail process for Lansky’s, as well as features customers have come to expect of their upscale retail websites: wish lists, logins, product detail rollovers, and easily navigable categories and search features
  • LookBook with integrated “Shop the Look” feature: We worked with the Lansky Bros to create a custom LookBook of Lansky-exclusive looks, with a “shop this look” option to easily make the look yours – we even included a “How Elvis Wore It” section to tie the clothes back to their beginnings.
  • Mobile-ready, responsive web browsing
  • Emphasized the history of the store through every step of the process, while still bringing focus to the unique product offerings

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