Bridges USA

BRIDGES purpose as an organization is to bring together diverse youth from all backgrounds across the Greater Memphis area to empower them to confident, courageous leadership. BRIDGES faced a problem with their previous website with content organization and information architecture. It was hard to find forms, find the relevant information for each program, and fully understand what BRIDGES was as an organization.

BRIDGES is more than just a youth empowerment program center. They also rent the center out for events, have Team Building workshops, and a climbing wall. We worked with BRIDGES to create a solution for them that would better highlight who they as an organization, what they bring to the community, and how to access pertinent information efficiently.

Winning Memphis Web Design for Non-Profit Organizations


A big push in our design process for BRIDGES was information architecture restructuring.

  • We conducted interviews with staff to discover goals and priorities of the organization in order to reflect them better within the site
  • Conducted user analysis research to better understand the needs of each user type
  • Integrated analysis into information architecture restructuring
  • Brought focus to individual bridge builders going through programs to showcase what motivates and excites them

Other features:

  • Tool tip rollover
  • Robust events calendar
  • Social media integration
  • Complex forms

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