Blue Kite Marketing

The Challenge

Blue Kite Marketing is based in Nashville, Tennessee and is a long-time client of ours. We were more than happy to work directly with Blue Kite when approached about an update to their brand and website design to properly reflect the full scope of their services.

The Solution

Blue Kite Marketing works with service-based businesses that are ready to take their business to the next level. We helped them take their business to the next level as well, with rebranding creative and a new custom web design that better expresses Blue Kite’s approachable and professional aesthetic.

Early Exploration


Final Marks


Custom Web Design

Blue Kite Marketing gives a custom experience to every company they work with, and we gave them a custom website that reflects their expertise and services.

Case Study Portfolio

Blue Kite wanted more than just an image gallery to fully convey the work they do. We put together a case study portfolio that lets them not only show off the work they’ve done but explain their process as well.

Custom Illustration & Type Treatment

As a staff with both designers and illustrators, we were happy to provide Blue Kite Marketing with custom illustrations to enhance their website and make it a truly custom web design.

As part of the rebrand, we also created a custom type treatment for the logo that is both clean and friendly.

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