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Memphis Web Design Launch Alert : Obsidian Public Relations

By | November 04, 2015

“When lava meets water, something magical happens.”

Obsidian PR’s tagline is as robust and dynamic as the team itself. It offered S2N Design the perfect place to begin building a robust site worthy of a PR company that boasts clients such as the Maria Montessori School, the Memphis Zoo, the Southern College of Optometry, and more. It’s an honor to be selected to build the website of a self-aware business like Obsidian PR. Naturally, as a leading business in their field, they came to us with a clear handle on their brand and plenty of well-formulated content. They were looking for a Memphis web design team who they could trust to translate their established content and brand into a website that accurately and usefully represents Obsidian PR to their prospective clients.

We decided to take Obsidian’s tagline literally. HTML5 video proved the perfect medium to show that dynamic creation of literal obsidian, “The Great Stabilizer” element literally formed when lava meets water. This unforgettable imagery is the first thing that greets visitors, enticing their eyes and intriguing them to read on for a beautiful explanation. Of course the actual tagline is included, continuing the homepage magic as live animated text on top of the video.

Yet another dynamic element of Obsidian’s homepage is the content slider, which they knew they wanted from the start. We were happy to oblige with a slider, providing as many different content options as anyone could possibly need, ranging from image or video with text to recent blog posts to a case study slide full of statistics.

Of course the fun doesn’t end with the homepage: their “Praise” (client testimonial) page includes interactive praise cards, each flipping up when hovered with a mouse to show a happy client’s thoughts on working with Obsidian PR. And in the same spirit of fun, memorable dynamism, the “Our Team” page displays personality through staff photo personalizations: each staff member selects their own rollover image for their profile, along with a cover photo, humanizing each employee and communicating with their public just how awesomely approachable the staff is.

A blog is an important feature for any business’s website, but it plays a particularly important role for a PR firm known for creating quality content day-in and day-out. Obsidian PR came to us with a blog, but we helped make it work even better for them by making the blog an integral feature of the website. Seamlessly combining the blog with their site not only makes for a more attractive and easily navigable viewing experience; it also contributes to better search engine optimization.

Yet another perk of Obsidian PR’s blog is its social media integration and share buttons. We’ve ensured that it’s easy to directly share Obsidian’s blog posts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, a proven method of boosting social media interaction with a website. It’s also an organic approach to improving search engine optimization.

We hope you have as much fun exploring Obsidian PR’s website as we had building it. Check it out here! Working with a company that knows its brand and delights in consistently well-written content kept our design process informed and gave us freedom for creativity. Personally, I had the best time playing around with reinforcing concept through image, more specifically volcanic HTML5 video. We don’t get to do that everyday here at S2N Design!

Do you have a dynamic message to share with your clients? Are your business’s offerings so robust that they’ve outgrown your current site? Even if you don’t know exactly what you need, we can figure it out and make it happen here at S2N! But we can’t do it without you taking that first step:  contact us today!