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New Website Design for Nobody Lower

By | April 30, 2017

Memphis-based S2N Design recently launched a new website design for Nobody Lower.

The process began with designing a logo for the online retailer who currently specializes in selling primarily kitchen items. After attempting to use an online logo generation company, Nobody Lower decided enlist the help of S2N Design because of our focus on long-term branding.

We also use a three-step process of looking at the mark, typeface and lastly colors in order to develop a logo. Wanting to capitalize on their affordable prices, we incorporated an arrow to indicate their bottom line price tags and used shades of blue, green and grey.

From there, we began designing their website design. The site is built on a BigCommerce platform, which is robust with analytics. It also has metrics for what people are buying and how often as well as marketing tools such as sending abandoned cart emails to customers. With hundreds of products available on Nobody Lower’s site, we worked to make it user-friendly, visually-appealing and easy-to-navigate. By custom coding a template from BigCommerce, we adapted it to the branding we created as well as customized how the BigCommerce e-commerce platform functions.

The end result is a clean and easy-to-use online store.


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