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New I Love Memphis Billboard Is Up!

By | April 14, 2016

Say goodbye to that “second best barbecue” billboard on Beale and say hello to I Love Memphis! After conducting the re-brand and re-design for the website (and winning an Addy for it) we were super excited to create the new billboard. Because the blog has tens of thousands of followers, we had to make sure we created something I Love Memphis fans would instantly recognize.

We decided to go with the aqua color from the new I Love Memphis logo to make the billboard design really pop. Once again, we captured the personal style of the blog with our hand-drawn type treatment and custom illustrations. Our creative team had a blast coming up with the illustrations and we feel they capture the true essence of Memphis. From barbecue to buffalo to beer, all the uniqueness of the Bluff City is represented. Go check it out and try to find the tiny, hidden I Love Memphis heart logo!

If you haven’t checked out the I Love Memphis blog recently, see it here.