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Memphis Website Launch Alert: Kitchens Unlimited

By | November 11, 2015

Kitchens Unlimited came to S2N Design with a great problem: they needed a website to display their portfolio of kitchen, bath, and home design. We’re talking image after image of places that you wish you lived in. Clearly this web design solution involves an image-heavy website that would let Kitchens Unlimited’s work speak for itself. Our challenge mostly revolved around ensuring that the imagery was displayed in its best light alongside all the information the viewer would need to get a good idea of the breadth of Kitchens Unlimited’s services and all they offer. We are pleased to announce the launch of their website, and we think you’ll agree with us that the combination of their portfolio and well-organized information about what they do illustrates why they are an amazing option for kitchen and home renovation in Memphis!

Kitchens Unlimited came to S2N with a beautifully photographed portfolio all ready to go. We like to work with the assets of our clients no matter what they are, but there is something special about telling your story in pictures! Here are some of the fun features we got to incorporate with the great Kitchens Unlimited imagery:

Large homepage slider

You can’t miss it! When you visit the Kitchens Unlimited homepage, you are greeted with a large screen-filling slider featuring beautiful photographs of some of their finest work. You may notice that it is programmed to show a random first image, so if you come back another time, another portfolio image may appear.

Dynamic masonry grid style portfolio

We set up the Kitchens Unlimited portfolio page as a masonry grid to best show each portfolio image without cropping. The viewer has the option to either view the portfolio in its entirety or show images from a single category without leaving the page.

Color rollovers

When your images are as pretty as Kitchens Unlimited, you should be able to use them as much as possible. Colored rollovers and dynamic text on the homepage and product page allow images to work as buttons, while the same features on the portfolio page add key information to the images without obscuring any important details.

FAQ expanding content

FAQ sections tend to hold a lot of text and not a lot of pretty pictures. To avoid making this important page long and tedious, we cut down on text that the viewer would wade through by displaying questions only. Answers are expanded on command: no need to struggle through unneeded information!

All responsive, all the time

More and more, websites are viewed on Mobile and Tablets. That is why this site is set up to look great no matter the size of your browser or the shape of your device! The website will look great regardless, as all the content stacks for optimal viewing size.

Smooth scroll elements

Smooth-scroll enables smooth transitions when navigating from one content element to another. This is particularly fun when the content transitions are on the same page.

It’s always fun to build a site for designers, no matter what their medium may be. The lovely portfolio of Kitchens Unlimited lends itself well to a clean treatment that’s enjoyable to look through without being overly complicated. We hope you enjoy looking at the Kitchens Unlimited website as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Do you need a site for your business portfolio? Whether you design kitchens, bowls, or refrigerator magnets, you know your clientele expects a well-designed website to show off your stuff. We encourage you to stick with what you know and contact the professionals here at S2N Design to take care of all your web design needs!