Huey’s has been a Memphis staple since 1970. A local favorite and World Famous for their delicious Huey burgers, the restaurant needed a website that captured its hometown feel and taste. In 2015, Huey’s chose S2N Design to give them a website presence that would resonate with its’ customers.

The initial site was built so that the menu and ordering process would be accessible and straightforward. However, built with a backend that was not as intuitive and scalable; updates and enhancements to the current site seemed challenging at best. At S2N Design, we always want our customers to have the very best. We are always keeping an ear and eye open to current trends and advancements within the digital world. While the site was built with the “best-in-class” setup in 2015, we knew that newer clients were reaping the benefits of more engaging web content in 2021. We reached out to Huey’s and they were more than willing to take this leap forward with a facelift to their current site.

Using analytics, more intuitive Word press tools & engaging features, we updated the Huey’s brand to have a more robust online presence. We wanted to make sure that Huey’s had an online reputation just as strong as the burgers that customers crave. Now, their site includes:

– Upgraded & Simplified Menus
– Responsive Online Ordering
– Attractive Parallax features
– Dynamic Image Sliders
– Engaging CTA’s
The new Huey’s website was revamped to have that “Wow” factor. Not only did we want to provide a better user experience, but we also wanted to attract new users with strong imagery and mouth-watering menu options. The site also features more intuitive online ordering and job listings for those seeking employment with Huey’s.

Check their website out today and contact S2N Design if you’re ready to take your web presence to the next level!