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Memphis Web Design Alert: Southaven Chamber of Commerce

By | February 10, 2016



Today’s big S2N Design website launch is a redesign that proves simple and streamlined is the way to go, even–and especially–when your website is content heavy. The Southaven Chamber of Commerce’s previous site was cluttered and dated, filled with paragraphs of text that few of their users had the time or inclination to read. They came to the web design team here at S2N to help them update the look of their site and increase its usefulness for both chamber members and the community alike.

The Southaven Chamber of Commerce site has two functions that go along with its two intended audiences.


1. It serves as a utility for chamber members and a recruitment tool for potential chamber members.


To make the site more useful and user friendly to current Chamber members, we integrated the page with ChamberMaster, a member management system that caters to chambers of commerce. One really great perk of ChamberMaster is that Chamber members can use it without ever leaving the Southaven Chamber site: the ChamberMaster-controlled pages appear within’s framework so no need to go off-site.


Another great feature of the Southaven Chamber of Commerce site for the Chamber itself is the Our Team page, which is sortable and includes optional Linkedin hover blocks over portraits of staff members and chamber ambassadors.

2. It is a resource for community members and future community members of Southaven.

The second function of the Southaven Chamber of Commerce site, which goes along with its mission to be “a resource in the community that drives local commerce, encourages unity and provides businesses exposure in Southaven and the surrounding areas,” is to be a resource that provides information about businesses, jobs, and even “hot deals” in the area.


The Relocation page is a very important one, serving as a hub of information needed by anyone contemplating a move to Southaven.

S2N streamlined the daunting paragraphs of text on the old Southaven Chamber site, reorganizing the information into interactive blocks that are super intuitive, accessible, and easy to understand.

The Southaven Chamber of Commerce site has a little different of a look than most S2N Design sites, as it boasts sidebar navigation rather than than a menu across the top of the page. This option works well with the large drop down menus necessitated by the nature of the site.


So now that you have the backstory, we hope you’ll take a moment to peruse the Southaven Chamber of Commerce site. And if you see something you’d like to implement on your own website–whether it be ChamberMaster for your own chamber of commerce site or Linkedin hover blocks for your Staff page–contact us today, and we’ll help you take your website to the next level.

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