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Meet New Our Newest Designer: Taylor Brown!

By | January 12, 2016

We’re only a few weeks into 2016 and we already have some exciting changes in the S2N office: we have a new palm plant (named Pete), we’ve officially banished sporks from the kitchen area, and most exciting of all our newest designer Taylor is here! In S2N tradition I’ve asked him some questions about the Kardashians, yoga, and chili so you can get to know our newest team member.


1. You’re an Ohio transplant (originally from Cincinnati, by way of Savannah), how’s the Bluff City treating you so far? 

I’m definitely enjoying it here so far. The food is good, rush hour traffic isn’t bad at all, and I got here just in time to not have to shovel snow like I would in Ohio.

2. Is BBQ better than skyline chili? What IS skyline chili??

They are both good in their own way, but I probably prefer BBQ over Skyline. Skyline is the most well-known Cincinnati chili restaurant. Cincinnati chili is different from what normally comes to mind when people think of chili. It has no beans or tomatoes or anything, and the beef is much more finely ground. It also has a different taste to it—sort of sweet with a teeny bit of spiciness. I think it has chocolate and cinnamon in it.

3. Ah yes chocolate and beef, a classic combination. Which accent is funnier to you: southern drawl or Ohio twang?

It’s hard to say. I haven’t really heard much in the way of Ohio twang, just because I live near a big city where there is generally no country accent. I used to think southern accents were funny, but after living in Savannah for a few years, I’ve gotten used to it.

4. You’re a yoga-er, what’s your favorite pose?

I’m a fairly inexperienced yogi, even though I’ve been practicing on and off for eight months or so, since I haven’t taken any classes and do very little most days. If I had to pick a favorite pose, it would be tree pose because it is a good meditative exercise in calming the mind. It shows us that balance in physical reality starts in the mind, which is a principle that can applied to everything we do.

5. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done that you can comfortably share publicly?

I’m sure there’s something ridiculous from my freshman year of college I could share, but that’s a lot of information to sift through right now. I do have a somewhat long, crazy story from this summer that involves running three miles down a mountain from lightning after hiking 15 miles to get there. Unfortunately, I don’t have room to elaborate here.

6. Would you rather fight Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris. Jackie Chan is too quick, but I could probably out-maneuver ol’ Chuck. Or at least get scrappy.

7. I’ve been told you really like the outdoors, what outdoor parts of Memphis are you most excited to explore?

I’m not totally sure what all is around here yet, and I’m not really a cold weather person, so I’ll probably wait until spring. But I look forward to walking around the forest at Overton park, and I’ve been told Shelby Farms Park is beautiful. 

8. Who is your favorite Kardashian and why? Be specific.

I don’t even know what Kardashians there are, to be honest. I know there’s a Chloe, I think? That’s it. 

9. It’s KHLOE Taylor! You recently graduated from one of my college crushes I had in high school – SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). What were some of your favorite classes/projects?

I really enjoyed my classes senior year because I had a better understanding of design, and we were given a lot of freedom on projects. My favorite was probably my Studio II class because we basically got to create our own projects. One of the projects I did was a projection-mapped stage design for an electronic musician. I also really liked my Corporate Identity, Motion Media, and Survey of New Media Art (which ended up being mostly art philosophy) classes. 

10. Wildcard question! Tell me something interesting.

I am a crazy music nut. I’m obsessed with it as much as I am with design. Ask me for music suggestions if you need new music. I listen to just about everything other than country.

Thanks for the info Taylor, although you failed the Kardashian Klan Knowledge part of the exam. You’ll begin your remedial indoctrination immediately, please report to Viewing Cubicle 1.