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Frase Protection is a dedicated, established Memphis company that is locally owned, family operated, and offers some of the best home protection in the business. When approached by Frase to create a new web design for, we set our sights on creating a website for them that perfectly fit their needs: a robust, fully responsive website that is easy to navigate and looks good to boot.

Memphis Web Design | S2N Design


We were able to include a lot of features with Frase Protection, offering a robust viewing experience. To allow users access to the maximum amount of useful content above the fold, we included a custom contact form at the top of the page. We also included a payment portal, a call out to schedule an appointment, and a phone number in the top navigation so important actions don’t require digging. Calls to action on the homepage are neatly organized into tabs to allow for comprehensive information without the clutter.

Memphis Web Design | S2N Design


  • Custom calls to action
  • Custom payment portal
  • Additional forms
  • Blog
  • Staff Page
  • Rotating testimonials
  • Constant Contact integration
  • Social media integration
  • Extended content loading
  • SEO set up