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“Located in the heart of Downtown Memphis, Bon Ton Cafe is a charming diner known for its delicious comfort food, its excellent wait staff, and for being one of the oldest restaurants in town. We wanted Bon Ton’s website to reflect their vintage diner vibe while also showcasing their amazing food (because seriously, their food and its photos are mouth-wateringly good looking). We were able to include some pretty awesome features with Bon Ton Cafe. Check them out below!

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Bon Ton Cafe offered a lot of opportunities to utilize some really cool features. We included custom lettering to better emphasize Bon Ton Cafe’s messaging, so the website now reflects the feel of the restaurant and catches the hungry guests’ eye. With custom callouts, we were able to emphasize the importance of each section of the website in a way that fit the overall aesthetic. We were also able to include unique illustrations throughout the site which helped bring some of the custom callouts to life.


Custom Lettering


Unique Illustrations


Custom Callouts


Custom Menu Features

Reading PDF menus on a phone is really hard on the eyes, and restaurant websites are frequently visited via mobile while en route to food. To make the best user experience possible, we utilized a custom menu feature for Bon Ton Cafe. Not only are they arranged on the website by menu type, but they also include an easy editing function to add or edit items with no stress.

Memphis Web Design | S2N Design


  • Custom Illustrations
  • Custom Lettering
  • Custom Callouts
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Food & Beverage Menu
  • Parallax Image Areas
  • Social Sharing
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Contact Form