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Memphis Website Launch Alert: Lansky Bros.

By | November 24, 2015

If you’ve ever seen one of the iconic pictures of Elvis, odds are the clothes he’s wearing were created by Lansky Bros., a downtown shopping tradition and one of the longest-lasting brands on Beale. Lansky Bros. came to S2N to accomplish three specific goals:

  1. Tell the story of their company in a more interactive and interesting way than their previous website
  2. Update their Ecommerce solution, allowing for fans from around the world to shop from the Lansky Bros. collections
  3. Increase site traffic through SEO, an updated look, and more functional navigation

Lansky Bros. shares these goals with virtually every other business, both in Memphis and abroad. But unlike other businesses, Lansky Bros. has the honor of being “Clothier to the King.” And if you know a thing or two about Elvis, you know that the King referred to by the most popular of Lansky Bros four concept brands is, in fact, THE King, Elvis Presley. Because of Elvis’ strong pull both domestically and internationally, they needed an eCommerce solution that was flexible, reliable, easy to update and simple to customize.

Improving the web presence of a business as interesting and important to the history of Memphis as Lansky Bros. was an exciting challenge for us, and we’re happy to share it now that it’s launched! See the new site live here.

1. We told the Lansky Bros. story.

Lansky Bros. is a true family business, founded by Bernard Lansky in 1946 and now run by Hal Lansky (the founder’s son) and Julie Lansky (the founder’s granddaughter). From its beginnings as an army surplus store to its iconic Clothier to the King status, the Lansky Bros’s story is a compelling (and classically Memphis) story. We created a page including everything – from audio of Johnny Cash, some funky outfits from the 1970s, a slider showing the evolution of the store, and a handful of the 80+ celebrities who have passed through the store over the years. The story has its benefit for SEO purposes (good storytelling on the web will naturally contain the keywords people are searching in order to find you), but more importantly, the business’s story is a vital way of communicating with customers their credibility and the rich history that made them who they are today.

2. We crafted a robust eCommerce solution.

Storytelling is great and all, but it doesn’t do much for the customer if they can’t also easily navigate the store and purchase that jacket they saw Elvis wearing in 1956 – whether they’re in East Memphis or Japan. We reorganized the bulk of Lansky’s products and created a handy filter for optimal online shopping.

The eCommerce functionality includes a lot of things users may not necessarily see, and a whole lot that customers take for granted (as well they should) when making a purchase online. It’s a huge eCommerce site with all the capability and functionality to hold thousands of products, calculate domestic and international shipping, and offer the ability for customers to have a user login with their own customer dashboard: a unique user profile with a wish list, the ability to keep track of their orders, and save their billing and shipping address.

Integrated Marketing and “Lookbook” Feature

A solid eCommerce solution not only allows customers to make their purchases: it also integrates marketing and suggests products every step of the way, convincing the website user to become a customer in the first place. To that end, S2N created “Shop the Look” functionality for the premiere Clothier to the King brand. This allows the Clothier to the King page to showcase several outfits Lansky’s put together into a sort of lookbook, with all of the featured products easily accessed to the side and a “How Elvis Wore It” feature to tie the clothes back to their beginnings.

3. We set Lansky’s up for site traffic success.

One of these days SEO may be completely intuitive, and a great business and a great website will naturally show up number one on every Google search it should be. But we’re not there yet, which means a great website must be planned from the ground up with an SEO and general site traffic success plan. To that end S2N crafted the Lansky Bros. site to be mobile ready (as are all our sites), because Google loves a responsive site these days. We also made sure that the shopping menu was not just “functional” on mobile: the eCommerce side of the website is truly easy to use.

A Unique Design Solution for a Unique Client

From a design perspective Lansky Bros. goals were to modernize the brand and to visually combine the “old” (i.e., their history and Elvis style) with the “new”. We selected Clarendon, a popular serif in the 1950s, and paired it with Brandon, a modern sans serif to create a unique typographic personality for the site. Lansky’s color scheme of charcoal, gold, and 1950’s pink is a classic combination that has the added bonus of being a trendy web palette these days. Everything old is new again, just like the iconic style of Elvis.
It was truly an honor for S2N to work with a local Memphis family who has made so much history. We wish them well as they continue to make history with their new eCommerce website!

Need an eCommerce solution for your own business? Or do you need help telling your story via the web? Contact us here today to get started!

(Our team was super excited about this project, and really enjoyed learning some great history about the fashion and music history of Memphis. On launch day, we celebrated with some old fashioned Root Beer and Coke floats, because any excuse for ice cream is a good excuse as far as we’re concerned.)