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The Interesting Relationship between SEO and Web Design

By | September 22, 2017

Most people aren’t aware of the connection between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web design.
Unlike the popular belief that web design is all about the beauty of a site, there is much more that goes into creating a function website. This is mainly because of the ever-growing importance of content marketing, digital marketing and the user search experience by search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.
Search engines don’t take into account the layout, color, font type or logo of your site. They are usually concerned about the structuring of your website including the links, tags, code, feeds, updates, simplicity and other factors that make search engine “spiders” crawl your site easily.
While it is important to have a well-designed website that is navigable and well structured, it’s equally as important to have a website that is well-optimized and has great content that can rank on search engines. If one of these components is missing, it can cost much more than you may imagine because they complement each other—web design is not complete without SEO.

Making your website search engine friendly requires that you do some optimization and suitable design, which will make your website rank better, generate more traffic and convert well. These include building a website that:
• has excellent speed and good responsiveness
• has effective URL structure
• is well structured and navigable
• is neatly interlinked and has a moderate amount of external links
• can adapt to screens of all sizes
• has schema
• has optimized images
So instead of hiring a web design company to build your website and an SEO specialist for optimizing your site thereafter, your best bet is to go for a company like S2N Design that creates amazing websites and is very familiar with latest trends and algorithms for SEO search.