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BreakFest Food Festival Design

By | September 21, 2015

You already know how much we love design here at S2N, but did you know that we actually love two (but mind you, just two) things just as much: the Memphis community and FOOD. We enjoy celebrating both every year with our BBQ Fest team, so when we heard about BreakFest, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. The first ever BreakFest (we hope it’s an annual thing!) will be September 26 in the Broad Avenue Arts District and will be a lot like BBQ Fest but for breakfast and brunch items. Teams compete to see who can make the best breakfast goodies and food trucks specializing in brunch will provide food for the general public. It’s a Memphis food festival, so you know there will be live music, and did we mention there is also a Bloody Mary competition? Count us in!

Between the awesomeness of a festival celebrating some of our favorite foods, and the fact that it’s all to benefit the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (which provides meals to the homeless of Memphis every Wednesday night), we were excited that we could do even more with BreakFest than be just another team. We were thrilled they selected us to create their logo, poster, and website! We had a lot of fun with this project, keeping the inspiration (and digestive) juices flowing with weekly “Breakfast Wednesdays” while working on the logo and website.

The BreakFest logo and the general look and feel of their poster and site needed to be fun and appeal to families and young people. Of course it also required a reference to the beloved breakfast food itself, and it most definitely needed to capture the feel of its iconic location of Broad Avenue. We combined a playful custom bacon and eggs illustration with a lively vintage-feeling type treatment to fit the bill, and of course the Broad water tower features prominently on the website as well.

As a one-day festival in its first year, BreakFest proved a perfect candidate for S2N Lite, the affordable web design solution for anyone who needs a professional website on a budget. So what are you waiting for? Check out the BreakFest website now, admire S2N’s fine handiwork, and buy your tickets for BreakFest (proudly sponsored by S2N) today!

BreakFest has a mouth-watering Instagram account. Check it out for even more ideas for great places to get brunch!