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S2N Is Thrilled To Announce Two Additions To The Memphis Web Design Team!

How SEO Marketing Can Increase Your Business Visibility?

SEO is a commonly mentioned (yet often under-utilized) facet of a successful online arsenal, and is so unique because of its progression over the last two decades of the online age. As Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers put it, “SEO is truly an industry of constant evolution and discovery.” Here’s a quick breakdown at some key points. 1. SEO, at a 50,000ft level, is about identifying the most important features and content that users (and search engines) are seeking, and readily providing these elements for them. 2. Strategic investing into SEO is the best way to get accurate results. Trying to cut cost by limiting SEO budget often results in incomplete insights and minimal returns. 3. So many variables surround SEO that it’s nearly impossible for just anyone to do it. Even the most seasoned SEO practitioners know that the ever-changing industry requires staying up-to-date with the latest trends in order... Read More »

S2N launches website for CELCO

          CELCO provides the most productive list solutions to the non-profit community. For over 35 years, CELCO has been helping world-class companies exceed their fundraising and marketing goals. When the Fairfax, VA, company approached Memphis-based S2N about designing a new website to enhance their brand presence and drive traffic, we were thrilled to assist. S2N opted for the Web Express product offering on this project, designed to be both an affordable and effective web design product. This overhaul, which optimized content, improved SEO, and enhanced coding, helped streamline CELCO’s client maintenance of donor lists for many environmental non-profits (such as Greenpeace and the ASPCA), as well as other charities and non-profits. S2N completed the brand refresh with a new, modern logo design that speaks to the forward-thinking nature of the company.

S2N Design Launches Custom Website Design for Vital Records Control

Memphis-based web design company S2N Design has launched a new, custom website for Vital Records Control (VRC). For more than 30 years, Vital Records Control has been creating comprehensive information management solutions that meet companies’ record and document management needs. These services are provided through a network of high-quality solutions including VitalScan, VitalChart, VitalVaulting and VitalShred. Established in 1988, VRC was looking to freshen up their brand and implement a more user-friendly website design. They enlisted the services of S2N to build a new, custom Memphis website design. Through the use of UX, the new site provides a better user experience as well as encourages users to take action, resulting in a more robust lead generation tool for VRC. The new site is mobile-friendly, a feature that the previous website design lacked. S2N also used “clean code” which will aid with search engine optimization (SEO) and front-end SEO. With training provided by S2N, admins at... Read More »

S2N-designed University of Memphis Global Receives National Accolades

Memphis web design firm S2N proudly launched University of Memphis Global in 2017 which recently received national accolades. Five of the University of Memphis’s online programs have been named in the Top 150 online academic universities in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The U of M’s five online programs in the Top 150 include: nursing, No. 15; criminal justice (graduate), No. 51; MBA, No. 89; bachelor’s programs, No. 125; and education (graduate), No. 150. S2N originally launched the University of Memphis’s main site in 2015. The site was designed using “clean code” and best search engine optimization practices. Today, S2N is working on a refresh and microsite for the U of M bridge project. Whether you’re a large university with hundreds of internal pages on your site or you’re a small startup who needs to develop your digital strategy, S2N Design can help elevate your brand. Get... Read More »

S2N Design Launches New Memphis Web Design for Memphis Rise Academy

The Benefits of Creating a New Logo for Your New Website

If you are thinking about using the same logo from your old website for a new one, we suggest you think Logos are a vital component of websites. They are the main graphical representation of your brand, especially companies for business marketing. They convey the most sensitive messages and goals of your site, its strength and value. Creating a new logo will let visitors recognize your new website and view it has a brand—the logo is the face of your website. Studies prove that visuals are processed sixty thousand times faster in our brain than text. This demonstrate that humans are visually driven which, of course, makes the design and logo for your website very important. A new logo will make your website reputable, branded and established as well as attract new potential clients, make your website exceptional, depict your commitment to your brand and give you an edge in... Read More »

The Interesting Relationship between SEO and Web Design

Most people aren’t aware of the connection between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web design. Unlike the popular belief that web design is all about the beauty of a site, there is much more that goes into creating a function website. This is mainly because of the ever-growing importance of content marketing, digital marketing and the user search experience by search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. Search engines don’t take into account the layout, color, font type or logo of your site. They are usually concerned about the structuring of your website including the links, tags, code, feeds, updates, simplicity and other factors that make search engine “spiders” crawl your site easily. While it is important to have a well-designed website that is navigable and well structured, it’s equally as important to have a website that is well-optimized and has great content that can rank on search engines.... Read More »

Introducing S2N Web Express

Web Express by S2N: Professional, Affordable Websites built Fast Are you in need of a website but don’t have budget to match your wish list? Look no further than S2N design’s Web Express. Memphis web design firm S2N has launched a new service, Web Express, that is designed as an affordable option for small businesses and startups. The sites are able to be launched quickly, usually in 30 days, and are built by an award-winning team of designers. Don’t expect a template from a web design platform, but instead a creative and professional website built by an S2N designer who can make your vision come to life. Need an online menu for your restaurant? Or maybe rotating testimonials for your company? Web Express sites are fully functional with many features to choose from. Still not sold? Check out some Web Express sites S2N has created for other clients like Beale... Read More »

S2N cooks up tasty Branding and Web Design for Beale Sweets

Something sweet has opened on historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, and S2N Design had the opportunity to bring this sugar shack to life! Digital marketing firm S2N Design was enlisted to provide branding, logo design and affordable web design for newly-opened Beale Sweets. From naming the shop to designing the logo as well as rolling out a custom website, S2N took an idea for a candy store and gave it an identify and life of its own through unique branding. A play on its home on world famous Beale Street, S2N proposed the name “Beale Sweets”—catchy, clever and descriptive. From there, we began designing the logo which gives a nod to the music scene surrounding Beale Sweets. We also designed all of the store’s signage to maintain a cohesive brand throughout the space. Once we landed on a logo, web development began. Beale Sweets wanted a site that was... Read More »