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2015 Year in Review

By | January 04, 2016

As we bid adieu to 2015, and look ahead to 2016, we wanted to take a moment gather and reflect on our year here at S2N. This year brought us a LOT of big changes, and a lot of exciting new projects. We’re excited to see how 2016 is going to possibly top it!

Grow, Baby, Grow

First off, we have had some pretty major changes to our physical office. This year we tripled our office space, going from one suite in our building to now occupying three suites. The new space features four new office spaces for our Accounts team and Michael, a beautiful new conference room, and generally just more elbow room. We definitely are all breathing a little better now.

In addition to tripling our space, we also added three new positions to our team! We now are a full 10, with President, three people on the accounts team, four members of the design team, AND our administrative team with a Traffic Coordinator and Billing Associate! (But no partridge in a pear tree…Christmas is over, people.)

Within our company, we also had upward growth. Clare Freeman was promoted from Designer to Lead Designer, and Hope Dalton was promoted from Account Coordinator to Account Manager.

Websites and Catapults

This year we had some pretty big launches, and our team is still pretty excited about them. The clear team favorite launch of this year was definitely the new I Love Memphis Blog. It’s our baby, and everyone is proud of it.

“I think the new brand is totally on point, and the new website is legitimately beautiful. I already visited the site a lot, and now it’s so much more easily navigable.” – Clare, Lead Designer

“This site was a challenge to execute on due to the amount of posts that we’re coming from their previous website. However, the end result was very neat to see.” – Alan, Web Production Manager

“This was definitely one of the most fun projects I got to work on this year. Tons of creative freedom, a really cool client that does so much to promote our city, and I FINALLY got to do some custom lettering. FINALLY. Also, the illustration of Z-Bo’s tiny head.”  – Allie, Art Director

In addition to the I Love Memphis Blog, we also launched new sites for Memphis icons Lansky Bros., Frase Protection, and the University of Memphis (the whole thing – all 20,000 pages of it!) Additionally, we have continued to partner with the great people at Habitat for Humanity, and are currently gearing up for their annual Tool Box Bash, which is another favorite project for the team.

“I love doing the tool box bash logo ever year, and this year was no exception. It’s so fun to build holiday themed illustrations out of tools. It’s a fun exercise for a good cause!” – Clare, Lead Designer

We also further developed our S2N Lite process this year, and it continues to be a beautiful, affordable solution for many of our clients. Two particular lite projects we were excited to launch this year were luxury apartment homes at The Luxe in Nashville, and the new website for local business Kitchens Unlimited.  While these sites are a “Lite” version of our web process, they are still very feature-rich. In regards to Kitchens Unlimited, Clare said, “It has a lot of little features that are catered directly to their needs which was really fulfilling.”

In addition to our web work, we have also taken on some great branding and advertising projects as well. For me personally, one of my favorite projects has been working on BreakFest, helping them promote the brand new event with their logo, branding, and website. It was also my very first project here at S2N, so that was pretty fun. We also did some really fun ads for Gant Systems, and I enjoyed brainstorming with the team how to incorporate illustrations into those ads to communicate visually some very technical ideas. 

For The Win

In addition to being a year of growth, this year was also a year of victories for our team. We were awarded:

– Regional Gold Addy Award
– Two Gold Addy Awards
– Five Silver Addy Awards
– S2N Memphis in May BBQ Fest Team (The Beef and The Chicken) won 2nd Place in the Seafood category (yummy!)

Clare was even voted one of the Memphis Flyer’s Memphis Hotties – clearly we just can’t stop winning.

The (Best) Bluff City

Being in the heart of downtown, we also really enjoyed celebrating some big wins with the rest of the Memphis community. Namely, we yelled ourselves hoarse with Growl Towels, bled tiger blue, ate (and sweat) way too much at Memphis in May BBQ Fest, got pretty excited about Crosstown Concourse, eagerly watched the continued growth of downtown, and of course, freaked out about the fact that IKEA is coming!

When asked about their favorite inner-office moment, the responses from the team were too varied to count. The team that plays together stays together, and that has definitely been true for all of us this year. Allie said, “This is hard, because it’s been a crazy year and so much has happened. We added a bunch of great people to our team, expanded our offices, took on some really massive projects, won our first regional gold addy, and launched approximately a bazillion websites. It’s hard to pick one moment, but if I did it would probably be the post-Addy shenanigans. Especially the ones involving the horse drawn carriage.” For me personally, the best moment was stealing a Beta fish from Allie during office dirty santa. The fish and I are currently living happily ever after. 

Looking Ahead

As we are now just a few days into 2016, our team is very excited about the year ahead. In the new year we have already added a new team member (don’t worry, you’ll meet him soon!), and are gearing up for even more exciting launches, including a full rebrand and new website for Kappa Delta Sorority. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!