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Memphis Web Design Launch Alert : Obsidian Public Relations

“When lava meets water, something magical happens." Obsidian PR’s tagline is as robust and dynamic as the team itself. It offered us here at S2N Design the perfect place to begin when building a robust site worthy of a PR company that boasts such clients as the Maria Montessori School, the Memphis Zoo, the Southern College of Optometry, and more. It’s an honor to be selected to build the website of a self-aware business like Obsidian PR. Naturally, as a leading business in their field, they came to us with a clear handle on their brand and plenty of well-formulated content. They were looking for a Memphis web design team who they could trust to translate their established content and brand into a website that accurately and usefully represents Obsidian PR to their prospective clients.

Creative Works 2015: What We Learned

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The design team again had the privilege this year of attending the Creative Works Conference. Our experience last year was near-spiritual: a coming together of the design community in a real, raw, and vulnerable way. Allie and I left feeling inspired, connected, and most importantly: ready. Ready to challenge ourselves and our work and learn. This year's Creative Works was nearly double in size, leaving it still as a fairly intimate affair of 250 people or so. One really nice aspect of Creative Works is that Josh Horton, the organizer and founder, wants everyone to hear every talk – so there is no shuffling and picking-and-choosing who you can see and not see. Which, as one can imagine, is great. There were a lot of exceptional speakers this year.

Weekly Web / Design News Round Up – October 19th-23rd

Hello world (as Wordpress says), and welcome to this week’s edition of our Web / Design News Round Up! We’ve got several quick, gratifying reads this week along with a fun site or two that we hope will keep those creative juices running through the weekend.

Back to the Future!

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You already know - we like to have fun here at S2N Design. So we are all pretty excited about today being October 21, 2015. We've been watching the skies for Marty McFly - little did we know he was in our midst all along!

What Bad Fonts Mean For Your Business

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Your business has a message, and it’s a darn good one too. So does the font you use really matter when your text is solid? Yes, my friend, Yes it does. Let’s look at what your customers see when they view your font choice. Remember, your prospective customers will visually register the font you use before they even decide to read the text.

Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is yet another one of those mysterious Google Analytics terms that doesn’t have to be so confusing. You got this: bounce rate is the percentage of your website’s visitors who view just a single page before navigating away. Now you may be one of the few out there for whom this number isn’t a big deal. If your website is only one page or if your site’s purpose is to serve up specific one-page bites of information (such as recipes or encyclopedia entries), bounce rate doesn’t really mean much for you.

Weekly Web / Design News Round Up – Sept. 28th- Oct. 2nd

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Hello to all our fellow design nerds, and welcome to another fine edition of S2N Design’s Web / Design News Round Up. This week’s news is all about “lessons learned.” And what better way to learn than by trial and error… or reading about the trials and errors of others?

10 Questions with New Team Member Jay

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We've already told you - we don't do much arithmetic. So we recently had Jay Brownlow join the team as our new Billing Associate so that the rest of us can focus on what we do best - building amazing brands and websites! Per tradition, we conducted an interview with Jay to get to know all his secrets (and secret languages...)

Weekly Web / Design News Round Up

Memphis Web Design | S2N Design

We hope everyone has had as great of a week as we have here at S2N Design! Instead of focusing on the typical news for this edition of our Web / Design News Round Up, we’ve had a great time exploring some of the more unusual and actually useful tools that we and other designers and web developers haven’t been using but need to start taking advantage of now. Well, we did include two fun visual items that were too good not to share, but I doubt you will mind a little time wasting very much. Now read on and enjoy this week’s “news” as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

BreakFest Food Festival Design

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You already know how much we love design here at S2N, but did you know that we actually love two (but mind you, just two) things just as much: the Memphis community and FOOD. We enjoy celebrating both every year with our BBQ Fest team, so when we heard about BreakFest, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. The first ever BreakFest (we hope it’s an annual thing!) will be September 26 in the Broad Avenue Arts District and will be a lot like BBQ Fest but for breakfast and brunch items. Teams compete to see who can make the best breakfast goodies and food trucks specializing in brunch will provide food for the general public. It’s a Memphis food festival, so you know there will be live music, and did we mention there is also a Bloody Mary competition? Count us in!